Club Meeting - Last Friday of the Month.  7:00pm Club House



BRCVR&G is a private club.  To join you must be sponsered by an active member or meet with the board of governors to be evaluated for firearms knowlege and safety.  All members must be members of the National Rifle Association. New members are voted in at the beginning of the monthly club meetings which are held on the last Friday of each month.  The first year of membership is a probationary period.  Details may be found in the club by-laws.  There is a one time initiation fee of $50.00.  Family membership is $100.00, per year.  Memberships are renued and payable in full at the September meeting of each year.  All members must abide by all rules of the club as established in the by-laws.  No alcoholic beverages or prohibited substances are permitted on club grounds

A Brief History:  Blue Ridge Cherry Valley Rod & Gun Club was established in the mid 1860's and incorporated in 1874.  The original club house is the section which is now occupied by the Kitchen and Bathrooms.  Two additions were constructed in later years which now form major strucure of the club house.   The Pistol Range was dug out in March of 1985.  The pistol house foundation was poured in 1992 and the house which was originally located in Penn Brook Farms was reconstructed in its present location shortly thereafter.  It should be noted that the entire project was paid for by Norm Solotruc.  The Rifle House was begun in athe late 1980s and is an ongoing project.  Between the Club House and the Rifle House is a Trap range.  In 1999, using funds generated by the Trap shoot, the club purchased an automatic Trap and the era of having a man in the "hole" ended.   January 30, 1976 marks another milestone.  At this meeting on the Bicentennial anniversary of our country's birth, Blue Ridge Cherry Valley Rod & Gun Club became an "dry" club.  This policy has stood the test of time and has helped to preserve our club as a "shooter's " organization.   (more to come.   Anyone with historical information, interesting stories, members of note, can forward to e-mail address below along with copies of any supporting documents and they will be included as time permits)